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Chicken Biryani An exquisite festive treat of fragrant Basmati rice and tender chicken breast cooked in a sauce containing a vast array of aromatic, zesty spices and exotic dried fruits. Biryani is the most famous Mughal rice meal in the world.


Chicken Makhani
Rice Fragrant Basmati rice and tender chicken breast with zesty, aromatic spice blends, vegetables and dried fruits. Chicken Makhani Rice is a unique creamy fusion of Mughal and Western cuisine.


Vegetable Biryani:
 A blend of fragrant Basmati rice and diced vegetables seasoned with spices, herbs and a touch of saffron. Vegetable Biryani is a classic vegetarian treat and a healthy replacement for pasta or French fries.

These three products can be sold chilled in microwaveable plastic flat containers, each having a net weight of 325g (approximately 11.4 oz ).  The re-heating time is 2 to 3 minutes in the microwave and approximately 10 minutes in boiling water.

In addition to these products Ricelinks has a host of other products, some of which are being sold to institutions.  The following is a list of Ricelinks' other products:

  1. Beef stripes in soy sauce and rice or noodles (Chinese)
  2. Bukhari rice with vegetables and veal (Saudi Arabia)
  3. Delhi spinach and chicken with biryani rice (Mughal)
  4. Hungarian goulash with noodles (Continental)
  5. Lahori chicken masala and rice (Indo-Pakistan, England)
  6. Lamb and vegetable mousaka with noodles (Lebanon)
  7. Madras chicken curry and rice (Indo-Pakistan, England)
  8. Mehra masak with basmati rice (Indonesian, Malaysian)
  9. Mixed vegetables and lentil rice (International)
  10. Shalimar chicken jalfrezi with rice (Indo-Pakistan, England)
  11. Sirloin pepper steak with mild pepper sauce (French)
  12. Spaghetti and minced meat sauce (Italian)
  13. Sweet & sour meat-balls with noodles (Chinese)
  14. Veal stew (Quebec country style)

                                                    Finished products ready for sale


All of Ricelinks' products are characterized by the following: